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Re: Elasmosaur necks (was mamenchisaur necks)

---RAY D STANFORD <STARSONG@prodigy.net> wrote:

> >Ray, aren't the rules different on land than in the water?
>     No, Larry,
> the "rules" are not different.  Physics is physics.  Of course,
> organisms operate in a denser fluid, but this planet's atmosphere is a
> gaseous fluid.

Wouldn't the long neck of an animal living in a gaseous fluid probably
be used for radically different purposes than the long neck of an
animal living in the denser fluid?  

I'm just wondering about the utility of the comparison because,
physics being physics, I feel that the rules in fact *are* different
for land-dwelling animals than for sea dwelling animals.

Concerning my UFO question:

>     First off, I apologize to listers.  

Me too!  My UFO question was meant as a humorous aside (like a policy
question to someone onlist named Bill Clinton, for instance); I never
imagined that you really *were* the UFO guy, Dan's suspicions


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