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RE: The next Question..


Michael Novacek described the Cretacious Gobi in his book _Dinosaurs of
the Flaming Cliffs_ 
as filled with canyons and expanses of desert dunes. He described it as
much like the desert that it is today, but mentioned 
that it was irrigated by small streams and lakes. He didn't mention much
on the plants that lived in that time, no doubt ferns I'm sure. I don't
believe the rock beds in the Gobi are not ideal for the type of land
that would have preserved plant life well. For well preserved plant
life, I think you need to find a Cretacious swamp. Gobi was still desert

If you are interested in the Cretacious Gobi, I highly HIGHLY recommend
this book to you.

Hope this helps!

Jamie Close

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        Okie, thanks everyone who answered my
        and Re:my trip questions and the Favorite dinosaur question!
        here's a new question to boggle your minds (uh ,SURE)

        What kinds of fossil plants have been found from the Cretaceous
        What would the landscape look like? Are there any modern
parallels to 
        any gobi plant fossils found?

        Thanks for your time and putting up with me

        Jessica Wagar
        Amateur Paleontologist

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        creating Random works of Paleoart!"

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