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Re: prehistoric animal Q

Tough one... top three in descending order.

Deinonychus: my number one favourite since I was a little kid ... I go
 for sleek and deadly.

Zygomaturus: diprotodontid marsupial...okay so its not sleek and deadly but I
 have been working with this beast a lot recently and have grown attached to it.

Apatosaurus: of whom a picture of which in the "Ladybird Book of Dinosaurs"
 got me into this mess in the first place way back in 1978...

Propleopus oscillans: theres something about the concept of a
killer-kangaroo I
 find appealing...(what does that say about me?). An animal that inspires such
 one liners in the literature as "killer kangaroo" (Flannery, 1985),
 cheetah counterpart" (Vickers-Rich and Rich 1993), "...gobble up any of
 Australia's first humans?" (Archer et al. 1991) and "..trained as an "attack
 roo" (ibid) deserves devotion.

Wait a minute...isn't that four?

Brian Choo

>What is your favorite prehistoric animal, and why?
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