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At 06:39 AM 23/07/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Is it possible that sauropods were semi-aquatic, leading a life like modern
>hippos?  If a hippo were found as a fossil, would it be identified as living
>the way it does?

The reasons sauropods are today considered NOT to be semi-aquatic include,
among other things (please check me on this) the fact that their fossils are
known primarily from upland sites.  Hippos definitely show adaptations for a
semiaquatic existence, including the position of the eyes and ears such that
they remain clear of the water when the animal is afloat (something that is
the case in the much more terrestrial pygmy hippopotamus).  Without checking
references I would say that their skeletons show ,much more evidence of a
semiaquatic lifestyle than do those of sauropods. 
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