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Someone wrote:
>Several years ago, I did some math. This statement is the most
>hilarious thing to appear on this list, just ask my bank. Anyway,
>after prodigous effort, I determined that a Diplodocus, given a 20
>foot horizontal arc of neck-swing could conceivably cover one acre of
>browsing area by walking only one-quarter of a mile (please check and
>correct me if this is wrong).

Were these herders?  This type of feeding may be feasible, but, to me,
it doesn't feel consistent with herding.  Herding animals would have to
move in different directions, or be relatively far apart, in order to
graze in such large swaths.  Perhaps a 20-foot (on each side?) swath
isn't really much for such a large animal?

I'm looking forward to some dissension.  :)