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Re: Elasmosaur necks (was mamenchisaur necks)

In a message dated 98-07-23 19:13:21 EDT, you write:

<< I never
 imagined that you really *were* the UFO guy, Dan's suspicions
  I really wish that off-list Email would not be shared with the rest of the
planet. I seem to remember posting a letter to this effect about a week or so
ago. Since Larry wishes to share this with everybody, let me simply say that
regardless of whatever baggage you bring along with you, except, perhaps,
running a fossil discount warehouse, anyone should be able to discuss relevent
issues here without the fear of anyone stigmatizing them. In a private Email,
I expressed to Larry that his questions regarding Ray's interests were perhaps
more appropriately done off list. Personally, I find Ray's observations
remarkably perceptive and well informed and I am looking forward to reading
more about his efforts. 
  Wasn't there someone here on the list who was talking about "netiquette"
recently? Let me see if I can remember who that was...Hmmm... Dan Varner.