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Prehistoric animal question

My favorite dinosaur is Oviraptor.  

Here's a critter with obvious qualities of a predator, yet what a bizarre
face!  No other creature in the history of the planet has those weird
jaws, with a beak and two small teeth in the palate.  What could that jaw
possibly be adapted to feed on?  Sorry, I can't buy the mollusk or egg
theories.  Could it be something we haven't found a fossil of yet?  How
could Oviraptor get that big on a  food item so rare that the eater
fossilizes more often than its food does? Makes no sense.  I'll bet it's
staring us all in the face and we can't figure it out.

A great puzzle for the brain to play with!

My favorite non-dinosaur is Pteranodon.  I was so disappointed as a child
to find out it wasn't a dinosaur.  It just looks so cool.

What's yours, Jessica?

Judy Molnar
Education Associate, Virginia Living Museum
All questions are valid; all answers are tentative.

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