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    That seems very plausible to me Roger, that at least some sauropods were
semi-aquatic.   Of course, it's just not POLITICALLY CORRECT, because
somewhere along the way it was decided to 'take dinos out of the swamp'.   A
similar thing happened after Lockley told the world that dinos didn't drag
their tails.  Well, he,  I, and many others have seen bona-fide tail drags
(although they are infrequent) so his 'no tail drags' tale has been modified
by dragging through the sands of time.

    As to finding a hippo fossil:  I suspect many would declare it was
purely terrestrial.

    Ray Stanford

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>Is it possible that sauropods were semi-aquatic, leading a life like modern
>hippos?  If a hippo were found as a fossil, would it be identified as
>the way it does?