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---Danvarner@aol.com wrote:

>Since Larry wishes to share this with everybody, let me simply say that
> regardless of whatever baggage you bring along with you, except,
> running a fossil discount warehouse, anyone should be able to
discuss relevent
> issues here without the fear of anyone stigmatizing them.

Dan, Dan, Dan.  Your prejudices are showing here.  How interesting
that you'd assume that the connection of a listmember to the
scientific study of extraterrestrial life would be "stigmatizing,"
bringing shame upon the party involved.

I myself am openminded about such studies and look forward to the
publication of Ray's data so that we can all better understand these
phenomena, and I'll wager that I'm not the only listmember to look
forward to reading these publications.

> In a private Email,
> I expressed to Larry that his questions regarding Ray's interests
were perhaps
> more appropriately done off list. 

Had my question been the sole purpose for my post this would perhaps
be true, but I was in fact questioning Ray's assertion that plesiosaur
necks are proof of *anything* regarding sauropod necks.  If every post
to the list were shot down because of a percentage of topics more
appropriately brought up offlist, there'd be about two posts a day
(not necessarily a bad thing).  

Perhaps we can ask James Gurney for his thoughts on this matter,

Personally, I find Ray's observations
> remarkably perceptive and well informed and I am looking forward to
> more about his efforts. 

Well, now I understand!  Please supply me with a list of other
listmembers whose observations you value so that I can avoid OT
questions to them. 

And he also wrote: 

>   I really wish that off-list Email would not be shared with the
rest of the
> planet. I seem to remember posting a letter to this effect about a
week or so
> ago. 


>   Wasn't there someone here on the list who was talking about
> recently? Let me see if I can remember who that was...Hmmm... 

Well, when that someone did bring up netiquette, all he took for it
was doo-doo, shall we say.  So my new philosophy, accordingly, is
"what's netiquette?"  It's fun!


"Atheism -- a non-prophet organization"


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