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Re: Dino Model Questions, Part One

Without addressing each model in particular, it's safe to say that the
Battat/BMOS stuff is the most accurate currently available.  Greg
Wenzel and Dan Lorusso put an unprecedented amount of work into their
reconstructions, even daring to provide closed-mouth theropods (and
other heresies).

Another nice thing about them is that they're a consistant 1/40th
scale for size comparison purposes.


---Grant Harding <granth@cyberus.ca> wrote:
> Greetings, Earthlings!
> I am doing some research on the three good low-priced dinosaur model
> Carnegie Collection, Wild Safari, and Battat/BMOS. I have some
> that I need answered in order to continue, and I was wondering if
> out there could answer them. Hold on to your hats, 'cause here they
> Which Allosaurus model is more up-to-date and realistic: Carnegie
(the new
> one) or Wild Safari?
> Which Apatosaurus model: Carnegie or Wild Safari?
> Which baby Apatosaurus: Carnegie or Wild Safari? Or are they
different ages
> so comparison is irrelevant?
> Brachiosaurus: C or WS?
> Carnotaurus: C or Battat/BMOS?
> Ceratosaurus: WS or B/B?
> Dilophosaurus: C or B/B (the new one)?
> Diplodocus: C or B/B?
> Euoplocephalus: C or B/B?
> Maiasaura: C (new) or B/B?
> Pachycephalosaurus: C, WS, or B/B?
> Parasaurolophus: C, WS, or B/B?
> Stegosaurus: C, WS, or B/B?
> Styracosaurus: WS or B/B?
> Triceratops: C, WS, or B/B?
> Tyrannosaurus: WS or B/B (new)?
> Utahraptor: WS or B/B?
> Thanks in advance, guys!
> -Grant

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