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Many things

Richard W Travsky wrote:

>I do not think that dino sinuses motivated brow ridge enlargement. 

Well, the theropods that have lacrimal ornamentation also tend to have
pretty well developed lacrimal recesses...

Joe Daniel wrote:

>Since dinos are thought to have evolved from small carnivorous forms,
>does anyone know of any dinos that are thought to have possibly been
>omnivorous that could have evolved into the herbivorous dinos?

Some paleontologists have speculated that prosauropods may have been omnivorous.

DinoGeorge wrote:

>Actually, you do, if you believe that _L. gracilis_ did not appear by special
>creation, or, even if it did, that you didn't chance upon the very earliest
>specimen that appeared on earth. What you have no evidence for is >how far
>back in time before your FAD< the species extends.

A much better way of saying it.  However, as we scientists should err on the
side of caution, extrapolations of the FAD of a particular species (rather
than the lineage containing that species) is problematic.  That is why we
use this datum (an observation) rather than an extrapolation.

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