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RE: Dino Model Questions, Part One

I happen to collect those models myself!

As a side note, Wild Safari is now making Carnegei's collection.. Also,
I don't know if you can get the Boston Museum of science ones (I live in
boston) but they are of the same quality and price.

As far as which ones are up to date, the model makers have a policy
which they claim they keep up to date with newest discoveries. They
claim they deal with Paleontologists to create their molds for the
models. But, best of all, they date their models. Each model should come
with a tag, the date is right on it.

One interesting thing of note with all the Sauropod threads about..
these models seem to support the high browsing and rearing up on hind
legs side of things.

The only model, to me, that looks blatantly out of date is the T-Rex by
carnagei.. for one, it looks a little bloated, but most of all, It lacks
that classic theropod S-Neck. It just looks -wrong-.

Jamie Close

        From:  Grant Harding[SMTP:granth@cyberus.ca]
        Sent:  Thursday, July 23, 1998 6:04 PM
        To:  dinosaur@usc.edu
        Subject:  Dino Model Questions, Part One

        Greetings, Earthlings!
        I am doing some research on the three good low-priced dinosaur
model sets:
        Carnegie Collection, Wild Safari, and Battat/BMOS. I have some
        that I need answered in order to continue, and I was wondering
if someone
        out there could answer them. Hold on to your hats, 'cause here
they come...

        Which Allosaurus model is more up-to-date and realistic:
Carnegie (the new
        one) or Wild Safari?
        Which Apatosaurus model: Carnegie or Wild Safari?
        Which baby Apatosaurus: Carnegie or Wild Safari? Or are they
different ages
        so comparison is irrelevant?
        Brachiosaurus: C or WS?
        Carnotaurus: C or Battat/BMOS?
        Ceratosaurus: WS or B/B?
        Dilophosaurus: C or B/B (the new one)?
        Diplodocus: C or B/B?
        Euoplocephalus: C or B/B?
        Maiasaura: C (new) or B/B?
        Pachycephalosaurus: C, WS, or B/B?
        Parasaurolophus: C, WS, or B/B?
        Stegosaurus: C, WS, or B/B?
        Styracosaurus: WS or B/B?
        Triceratops: C, WS, or B/B?
        Tyrannosaurus: WS or B/B (new)?
        Utahraptor: WS or B/B?

        Thanks in advance, guys!