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Re: prehistoric animal Q

>>Sherry Michael wrote:
>> As far as dinos go, I like what I'm working on at the time, so I've been a 
>>big _Apatosaurus_ fan since 1996. (At least I am for the next few >>weeks, 
>>until it gets shipped away. *sniff*)

>Tracy Ford wrote:
>Was that the one you were asking people what it was? Or is it another one.

Yeah, it was the sauropod that many of you took a look at in the paleo lab at 
ANSP during dinofest. The park service has decided it wants it back. I don't 
want to get into the politics about it. Personally, it's quite sad for me. You 
folks that are tripping over dinos out west can always go in your backyards and 
get another. Up North our museum just doesn't fund dino digs often. This 
Apatosaurus was my first dig, and after two years of work, I'm attached to it. 
I'm sure you folks can understand.

>> I like extinct cephalopods too!

>A friend of mine ie a real big fan of cephalopods. I've bought severial
>(small, really small ammonites) because of him and I've done a few
>drawings of ammonites and nautoloids. I've talked to Jim Kirkland, Neal
>Larson and others how they would have looked in life and drawn them. If
>you'd like I can send you copies of them.

I'd love to see them! I didn't know Neal was into ammonites. We have some great 
stuff from the Black Hills Inst. on loan for our Inland Sea exhibit. His talk 
at Dinofest was one of my favorites. 

-Sherry Michael