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Re: More Piltdown, Osborn & Tyrannosaurus (was Re: Beautifully horrible)

In a message dated 98-07-24 08:35:35 EDT, Tom Holtz wrote:

 Yeah, that is curious.  Did Knight do any H. erectus paintings?
  Yes. Knight's last book, _Prehistoric Man, The Great Adventurer_ contains an
oil painting of a group of H. erectus confronting a pair of orangatans. The
quality of reproduction in this book is, unfortunately, pretty wretched and
wasn't helped by Knight's retouching photographs of his work. I suspect that
his vision was begining to fail him at this time.
  There are paintings of generic "cavemen" that could possibly represent
various taxa, but I think in general Knight was interested in an ideal, almost
mythic, image.
  Also illustrated in this book are drawings of Gigantopithecus restored as a
kind of monster erectus. One drawing represents this guy ready to do battle
with a leaping sabertooth cat that is really spectacular. This book is hard to
find but I saw a copy for sale at SVP in New York. Dan Varner.