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Re: spinning stegos

At 13:22 23/07/98 -0700, Joe Daniel wrote:

>Now, stegosaurs support roughly 75% on their hind legs.  So I thought
>that it would be a simple matter for them to briefly rear up and take a
>side step allowing them to spin very quickly.  

The image of "spinning stegos" and references to models brought childhood
memories flooding back. Thanks for that.  My brother and I both collected
model dinosaurs. Remember Timpo's stegosaurus, triceratops, and t. rex ?
Well ours played football and that's where the spinning tails came in
handy. Greeny (my T.Rex) was top scorer. Steg was good in goal I seem to
remember.  Does anyone else share such fond memories ?

Following on with the sauropod thread. Does anyone know why early models of
"brontosaurus" (including the Timpo one) always seemed be looking back ?