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Hehehe. Hi everyone
(*the juvinile paleontologist waves a hand at everyone*)
Um...I was drawing....
(AHHHHHH! Hurry hide the world's paper supplies before Jessii gets 
I worked on my centrosaur drawings, and came up with a great looking 
profile of one. Unfortunately, that's not how I wanted to draw them.
I know how I want to draw it, and see it fine in my mind but all 
attempts end in totall disaster. haha.
Maybe I'll leave the Centro's alone for a while,
and go back to Troodon, Giganotosaurus, Tyrannosaurs and other dinosaurs 
I like better currently.
Anyone know what the issue of National Geographic is with the 
Giganotosaur skull,etc in it?
Oh, has anyone noticed how nice Ceratosaurus looks with a scaley head 
(Not reptile scales!EEEK...like..dinosaur scales, forelimbs and hindfeet 
with feathers on his back and small,downy, hair-like feathers on the 
belly/underthroat? I drew this last night at about midnight and it 
looked so cool (but than again, maybe it was the time)...
Hopefully I'll get some nice drawings up soon.
Then I'll be able to 'pester' everyone with even more questions.

Oh I almost forgot.
In my dinosaur books, there appears to be two types of _Deinonychus_
one appears to have a lighter, longer skull, and the other appears to 
have a shorter, more strongly built skull. Is this because they are 
different species? Are the males the more robust ones and the females 
the lighter,longer skulled animals, or the reverse?

Jessica Wagar
Amateur Paleontologist

"I was NOT doodling dinos in my the margins of my notebooks! I was 
creating Random works of Paleoart!"

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