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RE: The next Question..

James Close wrote:

<Michael Novacek described the Cretacious Gobi in his book _Dinosaurs
of the Flaming Cliffs_ as filled with canyons and expanses of desert
dunes. He described it as much like the desert that it is today, but
mentioned that it was irrigated by small streams and lakes.>

  What is described here is most of the Gobi's paleo-environments, but
the Nemegt was not like this. It was, compared to some Late K
formations, like the Hell Creek, lush and wet.

<He didn't mention much on the plants that lived in that time, no
doubt ferns I'm sure.>

  I would recommend the books _Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_ (Currie and
Padian, 1997) and _Riddle of the Dinosaur_ (John Witford, 1970's) for
paleo-environments, especially the latter.

<For well preserved plant life, I think you need to find a Cretacious
swamp. Gobi was still desert like.>

  Try the Judith River F.

Jaime A. Headden

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