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Re: Dino Model Questions, Part One

Speaking of plastic dinosaur figures.....
Does anyone have a list of the London Museum's releases oh so many years
I mean what exactly they had in the whiole series?
They came in solid single-colored molded plastic, had the names of the dino
molded generally on the underside of the stomach, and included a plesiosaur
(grey) and a mosasaur (blue) in with their prehistoric animals series.
In later years, after they weren't releasing any new ones, I found a
Chasmosaur model very similar but apparently from China (could almost have
been the same series)

I gave my entire collection to my nephew, with the exception of
Steinonychosaurus (tan), which was the rare one with a base.  Milo's a 5
year old paleontologist at heart (but monster trucks may still win out) and
I'd be pleased if I could tell him he has the whole enchilada.

           Betty Cunningham
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