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Dino Model Questions, Part Two

I'm back!
Many thanks to Greg Popwell, Larry Dunn, and James Close, who responded to
my first question. Now, for question number two?

Which of the following dinosaur models are completely up-to-date and
realistic (for clarity, please just reply to each one with "Yes" or "No"):

Battat/BMOS Acrocanthosaurus
Carnegie Allosaurus (the new one)
Battat/BMOS Amargasaurus
Wild Safari Apatosaurus
Wild Safari Apatosaurus baby
Carnegie Baryonyx
Carnegie Brachiosaurus
Wild Safari Carcharodontosaurus
Battat/BMOS Carnotaurus
Battat/BMOS Ceratosaurus
Carnegie Corythosaurus
Carnegie Deinonychus
Carnegie Deltadromeus
Battat/BMOS Dilophosaurus (the new one)
Battat/BMOS Diplodocus
Battat/BMOS Edmontonia
Battat/BMOS Euoplocephalus
Battat/BMOS Gallimimus
Carnegie Iguanodon
Battat/BMOS Maiasaura
Carnegie Maiasaura baby (in the nest)
Battat/BMOS Ouranosaurus
Battat/BMOS Pachycephalosaurus
Battat/BMOS Parasaurolophus
Wild Safari Parasaurolophus baby
Carnegie Plateosaurus
Carnegie Protoceratops
Carnegie Saltasaurus
Carnegie Spinosaurus
Battat/BMOS Stegosaurus
Wild Safari Stegosaurus baby
Battat/BMOS Styracosaurus
Battat/BMOS Triceratops
Wild Safari Triceratops baby
Battat/BMOS Tyrannosaurus (the new one)
Wild Safari Tyrannosaurus baby
Battat/BMOS Utahraptor
Wild Safari Utahraptor baby

Thank you very, very much.