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Prosaurapod tracks (again)

Well I will try this again since the first time I got no response. I just
returned from a ten day field class and had a blast. If you care for details
I posted a blow by blow description last Wed. with no subject header(I
forgot). My question stems from the trackway we visited in Utah with a print
that was tridactyl like this \!/. Our instructor says it is probably
prosaurapod but when I looked it up in The Dinosauria it states that
prosaurapods have four toes. The I digit is held up but would leave an
impression if the matrix was soft. This track was left in sand and is fairly
deep with no sign of a fourth digit. Also, by looking at the prosaurapod
foot in the book it seems to me it would leave a less splayed(?) track more
like this !!! or did they have pads and leave a rounded type track? I
realize that unless am animal is kind enough to die in its track we cannot
be sure but I am still not convinced that this track is a prosaurapod. I am
in the process of writting up my field reports and plan to place a
convincing argument for therapod origin for this track and any input from
the pro's would be greatly appreciated.


                                Jennifer R. Kane