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Re: The Potentials....

I think that would definitely have to be a troodon formosus.  Dale Russell
believes that it was evolving into a true biped.  He went so far as to have
an actual model created, showing what he believed it would look like today,
had it not gone extinct.  Kinda looks like one of those "sleestacks" from
that old kids show "Land of the Lost".  The skull cap from one of these
animals was apparantly shown to Leakey, who thought it looked more like a
primate skull than a dino skull.

> From: John M. Dollan <dollan@cyberport.net>
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> Subject: The Potentials....
> Date: Sunday, July 26, 1998 1:29 AM
> Hi, all...
> As part of that little bit of speculative fiction that I'm doing, I have
> another question.
> In your own opinions, with perhaps a little explanation, I'd like to
> know what type of Dinosaur might have evolved into intelligence had the
> KT extinction never occured.
> Now, I have my own thoughts on this, and I have a hunch it might be
> similar to many of yours...but I'll hold off until I hear some
> responses.
> Thanks, and have a good weekend!
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