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Re: The Potentials....

John M. Dollan wrote:
> Hi, all...
> As part of that little bit of speculative fiction that I'm doing, I have
> another question.
> In your own opinions, with perhaps a little explanation, I'd like to
> know what type of Dinosaur might have evolved into intelligence had the
> KT extinction never occured.

My guess is that it wouldn't happen at all.  Dinosaurs did very well for
well over 200 million years without moving toward sapience, and I see no
reason whatsoever why they'd inevitably move in that direction.  More
likely they'd tend toward more specialized forms, leaving sapience out
of the picture.

However, since this is speculative fiction you're talking about that
answer doesn't help you much.  That being the case I'll say that IMO the
dino most likely to develop sapience would likely be a coelurosaur of
some sort.  This group has proven to be very very flexible, giving rise
to a wide variety of forms relying on more brainpower than your average
dino.  I think it definitely would *not* be a dromaeosaur or troodontid;
these are specialized forms, and I wouldn't expect sapience out of them
any more than a leopard or a wolf.
> Now, I have my own thoughts on this, and I have a hunch it might be
> similar to many of yours...but I'll hold off until I hear some
> responses.

Well, hope this helps some.  I'll be interested to see the results!