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Re: The Potentials....

Michael Schmidt wrote:
> I think that would definitely have to be a troodon formosus.  Dale Russell
> believes that it was evolving into a true biped.  He went so far as to have
> an actual model created, showing what he believed it would look like today,
> had it not gone extinct.  Kinda looks like one of those "sleestacks" from
> that old kids show "Land of the Lost".  The skull cap from one of these
> animals was apparantly shown to Leakey, who thought it looked more like a
> primate skull than a dino skull.
> Michael
> ----------

Is a true biped, then, one that does not require a tail for balance?

Troodon...or some species of raptor...has always been my thought, mainly
because of  Dale Russell's model.

BTW...I used to LOVE that show.....

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