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Re: elasmosaur necks

---Jeffrey Willson <jwillson@harper.cc.il.us> wrote:

> Last I heard about elasmosaur feeding  habits, they were fairly slow
> surface-feeding piscivores, sort of a Leatherback turtle in the
back-end and
> a heron in the front-end. They used their long necks to be able to
> around and "swoop" down on surface fish - therefore no problems with
> hydro-drag on necks, at least when feeding.

Judy Massare was dead-set against this idea.  She felt that the nexk
did not have the kid of flexibility needed and gave other pretty-good
(but now forgotten by me) reasons for doubting it.  (I hope she comes
back to the AMNH to give an update lecture; it was a good four years
ago that I heard her talk.)

Perhaps we should check Audrey Hepburn's memoirs . . .


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