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Re: Segnosauria! (really!)

> James Close wrote:
> > Does Segnosauria
(better termed Therizinosauroidea)

> > still reside in Theropoda? and Is feet the only qualifier for being
> > a Theropod? 

Feet are one of the things that go *against* them being in Theropoda. Most
theropods have three functional toes and one dewclaw -- Therizinosauroids
have four functional toes.

The hands, with three digits and (in _Alxasaurus_) a semilunate carpal,
are more typically theropodan (specifically coelurosaurian).

 Jaime A. Headden wrote:

> However, many characters of the skull and postctrania (except the foot)
> are similar to ornithomimosaurs and oviraptorosaurs,

Actually, if therizinosauroids are the sister group to oviraptoroids, they
would *be* oviraptorosaurs -- according to The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs,
Oviraptorosauria is stem-based (all animals sharing more recent ancestry
with _Oviraptor_ than with modern birds).

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