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various netiquette problems

A helpful new subscriber has just pointed out to me a couple of web
sites which contain general netiquette instructions.  I'm going to add
links to them on the administrivia page soon (hopefully before the 1st
of the month).  In the mean time I invite everyone to take a look at
some of the sources Yahoo has found for us:


And in particular it might be good to see (a few clicks away from the
above URL):


I quote from that page:

     Don't believe anyone who says, "The only ethics out there are
     what you can get away with."

If you have even the slightest suspicion that you are carrying around
an idiosyncratic definition of "netiquette" you should probably
familiarize yourself with some of the material you can find at the
above (and associated) URLs.

Also, let me try again to clarify something that frequently seems to
confuse people.  This list is not currently moderated.  I am not a
moderator.  If a valid subscriber sends a message to the dinosaur
list's address, there's nothing I can do to prevent it.  Put another
way, I do not "allow" messages on to the list.  In times past I did,
but that's not how the list is currently configured.

Finally on a specific note, I hope that the cladistics/PT thread is
winding down.  I haven't had a specific complaint per se, but I have
received a query as to whether or not the subscribers to this list in
general think the topic deserves as much space (and emotion!) here as
it's currently getting.  Anyone who's been here for any appreciable
length of time knows that the subject recurs, and that anything you
think you still need to say can probably wait until the next
manifestation.  I'm not yet calling for a moratorium, but if things
continue at the current pace I suspect that I will soon.  I recommend
you try to wrap things up without any threats! :-)

Oh what the heck since I'm here... I almost mused aloud about this
before, but opted not to since I suspect that my musing would lead
nowhere.  Dan Varner's musing has lead me to think perhaps not,
though, so I'll muse away.  A couple of people have recently made
arguments about sauropod necks while working from the assumption that
(as in all other known tetrapods) the trachea of sauropods contained
only dead space.  As others are fond to say, there are no good
sauropod analogs extant, so how confident can you be that no gas
exchange occurred within a sauropod's neck?

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)