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<< The catolog number is: 11,340, Carnegie Museum Catalog of Vertebrate
Fossils >>

>From the files of Tracy Ford:


CM 11340

Locality: Far east side of quarry face, Dinosaur National Monument, near
Jensen, Uinta County, Utah.

Horizon: Morrison Formation, Brushy Basin Member, Late Jurassic.

Material: Skull lacking tip of snout and premaxilla, 9 (?) cervicals in
articulation, 13 (?) partial and complete dorsals plus a gap for 3 more in the
pectoral region, ribs, both scapulae, coracoids, sternal plates, and humeri,
distal ends of both femora, shaft of an ischium, and proximal end of the right
tibia and scapula of a baby.


NOTE: It is presently referred to _Dryosaurus altus_.