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Qilong Update #3

Dear all you listers and listettes:

  I've updated Qilong.

  Thanks to a few fellow listers and non-list sources, I've fixed many
of the typos on the list.

  Info has been added to *Elmisaurus'* page, including taking
*"Chirostenotes" elegans* out and putting it into *Elmisaurus*, where
I've felt the morphoplogy was more accurate the way Currie (1987)
presented it. You can view the page here:

  Also updated was the Pics page, where I've added two sections, for
Ornithschians and "Dino-Birds" alike, though I do not go into detail
on the sections. You can view the pages here:

  Even better, I've cut the Oviraptorosaurs page and its questions
section into part, each question with its own page, and have detailed
the Feathers Question better (to me, anyway) as well as improved the
images and information. You can view the page here:

  Lastly, the skulls of the oviraptorids have been improved, but I
regret not improving the caenagnathid skulls and jaws yet, so that
will come up soon. You can view the page here:

  Until next time:

Jaime A. Headden

Qilong, the website, at:
All comments and criticisms are welcome!

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