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Wading sauropods

On the ongoing subject of aquatic feeding sauropods. Some sauropods may well
have waded into shallow water to fed on aquatic plants. A number of otherwise
terrestrial ungulates do so on a regular
 basis, including moose and various Asian rhinos. Diplodocids (incl apatosaurs
and dicraeosaurs) and some cetiosaurs were best suited for such low browsing
because of their low shoulders and horizontal necks. The many sauropods with
higher shoulders and more erect necks (some cetiosaurs, brachiosaurs,
camarasaurs, mamenchisaurs, omeisaurs, euhelopids, some titanosaurs) were less
likely to try to bring their necks so low. In any case all sauropods were
largely terrestrial and primarily adapted for high browsing. They may have
avoided low browsing. Along these lines, tooth microwear studies by Forillo
indicate the diplodocid teeth lack the grit marks expected in animals that fed
low and close to soil. Feeding on deep plants can be ruled out simply because
there is not enough light below a few feet in most bodies of freshwater to
sustain growth.