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RE: The Potentials....

Some people believe the Troodon would have evolved into a higher
intelligence. I forget who, but someone even made a "life size" model of
what the Evolved Troodon would have looked like.. walking erect, rounded
face.. etc..  I recall finding something on the web on this too.. I
don't recall where... but the right Yahoo search might deliver.

Jamie Close

        From:  John M. Dollan[SMTP:dollan@cyberport.net]
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        Subject:  The Potentials....

        Hi, all...

        As part of that little bit of speculative fiction that I'm
doing, I have
        another question.

        In your own opinions, with perhaps a little explanation, I'd
like to
        know what type of Dinosaur might have evolved into intelligence
had the
        KT extinction never occured.

        Now, I have my own thoughts on this, and I have a hunch it might
        similar to many of yours...but I'll hold off until I hear some

        Thanks, and have a good weekend!
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