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<< As a quick aside, basal maniraptorform phylogeny is in such flux
 that it is probably best represented by a trichotomy of Maniraptora,
 Ornithomimisauria, Troodontidae, Tyrannosauridae, Therizinosauroidea, and
 Oviraptorsauria (did I forget anybody?). Mix and match to your heart's
 content, and wait for the next Holtz monograph... hopefully it'll be out
 before the next Star Wars movie (nice safe time fram for you there...). >>

The new Lower Jurassic Lufeng segnosaur jaw, only a few inches long, described
in the current _Nature_ (July 16) as a therizinosauroid jaw, (1) looks very
segnosaurian; (2) looks somewhat prosauropodan or even ornithischian; and (3)
does >not< look at all coelurian: ornithomimid, oviraptorid, troodontid,
dromaeosaurid, tyrannosaurid, maniraptoran, or even theropodan. Unless you
think that basal coelurians should have lateral shelves on their dentaries and
lateral ridges on their coarsely serrated, leaf-shaped teeth, that is.