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> Tetanurae@aol.com wrote:
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> > James Close wrote:
> >  <<Does Segnosauria still reside in Theropoda? and Is feet the only
> >  qualifier for being a Theropod?>>
> >
> > The current opinion of most workers is that Segnosauria, or 
> > Therizinosauroidea does fall within the Theropoda.
 Brooks Britts' Ph. D. (Univ. of Calgary) on theropod vertebrae
 illustrates a therizinosaur cervical they are extremely pneumatic at a
 level comparible to tyrannosaurids and ornithomimids. Neither
 Prosauropods nor ornithischians have pneumatic vertebrae. In many other
features they also compare well with advanced Coelurosaurian cervicals.

 Jim Kirkland