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Re: Sauropod extinction

Allan Edels wrote:

> What do you think happened to the sauropods at the end of the Jurassic? I
> think it is very intriguing that N.A. species got hammered, but many
> sauropods thrived until the late Cretaceous in other places (such as South
> America).

THe extinction did not happen till the end of the Early Cretaceous. We
have camarasaurids, brachiosaurids, and full blown titanosaurs in the
Barrimian of Utah (125-120 mya) and brachiosaurids at the base of the
Cenomanian (98.4 = or - 0.7 mya) in Utah. See


for more information.

We may have a sauropod in the Late Campanian of Mexico as well (and not
a titanosaurid).

Jim Kirkland