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Re: The Potentials... for discussion

Bernard Couet wrote:
> Some heretical thoughts/questions:
> - what could be found in the far future (65 millions years) from our
>    civilization if earth was shot tomorrow by a big meteor impact?
>    (I know some kind of answer for this one)

We would have left behind many types of objects that would last the
ages, I think.  Certain plastics maybe, but definitely glass.  As far as
I know, it really doesn't break down like metal might.  Stuff like
masonry or concrete I think would last, unless it is exposed to
erosion.  I don't know, I think our cities would leave definite 'stains'
on the earth.

And in orbit, there are satelites that, I think, would remain in stable
orbits for millions of years, although I could be wrong here.

> Conclusion: Do we have any reasonnable proof that a kind
>         of dinosaurian civilization never existed?

Not really.  There is always the extremely remote (in my opinion,
99.9999%) chance that a type of dinosaur lived in primitive tribes and
such.  But I highly doubt it.  In fact, suggest it, and you'll likely be
crucified by the scientific community! ;
> Very biased of course, but I mainly know that I dont know.
> Back to lurking now
> Bernard

There's nothing wrong, I believe, in a little healthy speculation. 
After all, what's it gonna hurt?  And, at the very least, it leaves some
room for great fiction writing!
John M. Dollan
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Graduate Assistant
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"To make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the
universe...."  Carl Sagan