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When Jim Kirkland wrote:
<<Neither Prosauropods nor ornithischians have pneumatic vertebrae.>>

George Olshevsky replied with:
<<Some small prosauropods (e.g., _Anchisaurus_) do have pneumatic vertebrae;
see Marsh's original descriptions. I pointed this out to Brooks a few years

Indeed, all saurischians have pneumatic vertebrae with pleurocoels.  The point
I believe Jim was making is that Brooks was showing that the pleurocoels of
therizinosaur cervicals had vertebrae that were pneumaticised in a similar
manner as those of Ornithomimids etc, not the simple invagination seen in
Anchisaurus cervicals.

Additionally, regarding George's continual use of Coeluria instead of
Coelurosauria.  This is purely pick and choose systematics.  Firstly, Marsh
erected the suborder Coeluria solely for the single genus Coelurus.  For the
other coelurosaur known in Marsh's time: Compsognathus, he erected a suborder
within Theropoda called Compsognatha (properly respelled by GSP in 1988 as
Compsognathia) to include just Compsognathus.

Second.  Coeluria should be regarded as a nomen oblitum because as far as I
know, only Marsh and George have ever used the name, so it should be
forgotten.  Huene's (I think) Coelurosauria has been used without fail from
the 1920's, is more inclusive than Coeluria because it does include
Compsognathus, and has an umabmiguous definition.

Peter Buchholz