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Darren Naish wrote...

>The whole 
>set is (off the top of my head, so forgive me if I forget any):
> Plesiosaurus 
> Ichthyosaurus (with stand)
> Liopleurodon

Wasn't this Pliosaurus?

> Mamenchisaurus
> Brachiosaurus
> Cetiosaurus
> Diplodocus
> Apatosaurus
> Scelidosaurus
> Triceratops
> Stegosaurus
> Stenonychosaurus (=Troodon)
> Baryonyx
> Tyrannosaurus
> Megalosaurus
> Iguanodon
> Lambeosaurus
> Pteranodon
> Dimetrodon
> Glyptodon
> Mammuthus
> Balaenoptera (with stand)

And Muttaburrasaurus!

> Note that there was no mosasaur, contra Betty.
> The Stenonychosaurus was a late released, relatively limited 
> edition model that was not in production for long.

Does anyone know where I can get one? I saw it several years ago at the
Tyrrell, and I foolishly did not buy it. They no longer have it.

Best regards,

"...I suspect he actually has a subspecies of _Stenonychosaurus_, though I
haven't decided for sure...small Triassic carnivore--two meters from pes to
acetabulum. In point
of fact, a rather ordinary theropod..."