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Re: The Potentials... for discussion

>Bernard Couet wrote:
>> Some heretical thoughts/questions:
>> - what could be found in the far future (65 millions years) from our
>>    civilization if earth was shot tomorrow by a big meteor impact?
>>    (I know some kind of answer for this one)
As a rather late follow-on to this question, see my story "Extinction
Theory" in the March 1989 issue of ANALOG Science Fiction, for one
speculation on essentially the same idea -- what evidence would remain of
"intelligent dinosaurs" if some evolved at the end of the Cretaceous and
somehow wiped themselves out. Remember that for most of human history
humans were rather rare creatures; it's only in the past few thousand years
that the population was reasonably large, and large and readily
recognizable artifacts were abundant. And remember that 5000 years is a
tiny part of the geologic record, when viewed from 65 million years. In
short, I don't think a past civilization would be readily evident, but I do
think a determined search at the right point in the geologic times scale
would find some traces.
-- Jeff Hecht