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University of Chicago

I visited the University of Chicago last week and it was AWESOME!!  Dr.
Paul Sereno (wonderful, wonderful, gentleman) is working very hard on some
stuff that will make us all gasp.  I also met with Dr. James Hopson as
well as numerous graduate students who were absolutely fantastic.  

I saw _Deltadromeus_, Sue, a fine _Gorgosaurus libratus_ mount and
numerous other exciting exhibits.  

Meeting Dr. Sereno was a great pleasure and he gave me a tour of the labs.
Meeting Dr. Brochu (at the Field Museum) was also great and he treated me
very warmly as well.  

If any of you get the chance, VISIT THE FIELD MUSEUM!!  _Deltadromeus_ at
the Crerar Library at the University is also well worth seeing.  The way
it is restored, I could definitely see it as a potential ancestor of
Arctometatarsalia, but then again, much has been restored to an incomplete

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