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Move to stop "illegal" fossil acquisitions in Japan

The Kyodo News Service is reporting that the Education Ministry wants
Japan's science museums "not to go against laws of origin countries 
when gathering exhibits such as fossils" even though the purchase
and possession of the fossils is not against Japanese laws.

"The ministry's call followed the revelation that at least five public 
museums in Japan hold _Confuciusornis sanctus_ Chinese bird fossils 
despite Beijing's ban on their export..."

"Officials at museums in Ibaraki, Aichi, Osaka, Tottori and Okayama 
prefectures said earlier this month that the museums bought the 
Confuciusornis sanctus fossils from fossil dealers who gave 
assurances the purchases were legitimate." 

"Chinese government export permission documents were not attached 
to any of the fossils, however."