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B&G, Confuciusornis

GSPaul GSP1954@aol.com wrote:

> Sinosauropteryx - Direct examination confirms that the "croc-septum"
described by 
> Ruben et al. 1997 consists entirely of breakage and glue. 

Ah, yes - how much of life in general consists of breakage and glue...

Confuciusornis - Look Ma, no tail! The many complete feathered specimens lack
a well developed array of tail feathers (not to be confused with the hyper-
long pair of display feathers found on some specimens). The wings are large,
so this bird could fly, but not with much agility. 

Anybody - hypotheses on the habits of this critter?

Jeffrey Willson <jwillson@harper.cc.il.us>