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Young Tyrannosaur info needed

Subject: Young Tyrannosaur info needed                       9:53 AM

  Hello all.  I am on the lookout for decent information or pictures of
hatchling to sub-adult Tyrannosaurs ( particularily Gorgosaurus libratus or
any Albertosaurs).  I know that there have been several attempts to recreate
a skeleton based on some scanty material, and I'd like some opinions on the
matter.  The skeletal drawing that comes to mind is in that
oldie-but-goodie-of-a-book The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs by
Norman  (pg.70).  I understand that theTyrell has a sub-adult skeleton but at
the momment browsing through all my books to find it would kill my work day.
I'm almost possitive it's in a Japanese Dino-Frontline-the  magazine we in
the english speaking world could learn from.  I would really appreciate  your
help in finding reference as well as providing me with any new bits of info
that may have popped up in the last while.
  Thanks All
David Krentz