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Re: Dino and Paleo Artists: Request for help

In a message dated 98-07-28 03:06:04 EDT, you write:

 The bottom line here seems to be that these "Art Legal" folks -- who
 support ballet dancers, novelists, video artists and on and on -- don't
 think that you professional dinosaur artists are "REAL artists." >>

  I've talked about this phenomena here before, but under a different context.
The wildlife art industry goes through this agony continuously."Why don't they
call our duck stamps fine art?" This kind of art is subject driven. It's
illustration. Nothing wrong with that. There's a genre dedicated to fighter
aircraft, Petty girls, whales, babies, dogs and cats playing poker, Petty
girls, you name it. It's all subjective and your "Art Legal" folks will
probably never help you. I do enjoy the "cult" remark however. Perhaps our
resident art historian in the biggest little city in the world could shed some
light on this problem. Otherwise, don't let the situation bother you because
this is so much damn fun anyways! Ain't it? Just today on this list we had
Greg Paul giving us the low-down on the fabulous Chinese fossils- can't wait
to see his interpretations, Dave Krentz made us think about juvenile
tyrannosaurs, and yesterday Darren Naish gave us the poop on plesiosaurs. The
ART stuff will take care of itself. Unless you have a lot of cash, there's not
much you can do about it. If you DO have a lot of cash, give me a call. Dan