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Re: Move to stop "illegal" fossil acquisitions in Japan

Mary Kirkaldy wrote:
>The Kyodo News Service is reporting that the Education Ministry wants
>Japan's science museums "not to go against laws of origin countries
>when gathering exhibits such as fossils" even though the purchase
>and possession of the fossils is not against Japanese laws.
>"The ministry's call followed the revelation that at least five public
>museums in Japan hold _Confuciusornis sanctus_ Chinese bird fossils
>despite Beijing's ban on their export..."
The July 17 issue of Science reports the flap. It says an expose in the
July 5 issue of Asahi Shimbun, a large daily newspaper, stirred up the

When I wrote my feature on fossil smuggling for New Scientist at the end of
1996, I was told many of the Chinese fossils were smuggled out through
Japan, but I hadn't heard they were on display. -- Jeff Hecht