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Re: Were They Really Confuciusornis sanctus???

    Thanks, George,

    I wouldn't be surprised that there are several species of
Confuciusornis, and I hope someone out there can tell us about any published
new species.

       If C. sanctus doesn't naturally in-fill the pneumatic foramen (in the
proximal humerous) with age, then those two birds at the NGS exhibition
should NOT have been referred to C. sanctus -- Right?  (Or, am I wrong?) --
or, unless the absence or presence of  that particular pneumatic foramen
happens to be an expression of sexual dimorphism in that species (pure
speculation on my part).

    In the seemingly remote possibility that sexual dimorphism might account
for the paradox, one might then wonder how the presence or absence of that
feature in opposite sexes might be beneficial.  Would anyone care to proffer
thoughtful speculation on this possibility -- however remote?

    Ray Stanford

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Subject: Re: Were They Really Confuciusornis sanctus???

>In a message dated 98-07-29 03:04:28 EDT, STARSONG@prodigy.net writes:
><< Could we actually have a different species there?  Or, could it be that
the pneumatic foramen only exists in the species for a certain age span and
>diagnosis needs to be altered?  The correct answer to this question must
>surely be of some importance.   >>
>I understand there are now three species of _Confuciusornis_, but I have so
>far been unable to locate references to the latest two. Has anyone out
there seen these?