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Apatosaurus alenquerensis

I see that Portuguese sauropods have reared their heads (or, at least, their

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So it seems an appropriate time to ask about the status of Apatosaurus
alenquerensis de Lapparent & Zbyszewski 1957 (Kimmeridgian, Portugal).
Judging from published illustrations, it surely isn't Apatosaurus.  In 1990
("The Dinosauria") MacIntosh suggested its affinities lay with Camarasaurus
- which (with all deference to his far superior knowledge) strikes me as
equally unconvincing.  More recently Wilson & Sereno (1998 SVP Memoirs)
raised a third possibility - which escapes me, as I'm working from memory.

Does anyone have any really convincing idea as to where this beast fits in
among the sauropods?

Back to the swamp...
Tony Thulborn