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Re: Utahraptor's sickle claw

---luisrey <luisrey@ndirect.co.uk> wrote:

> I think there
> was an almost consensus that the hand claws were flatter than the feet
> 'killer claws'. This prompted Robert Bakker to speculate that the
> Utahraptors would jump, slash on the sauropod's back with their
hands while
> holding to the prey with hooks like a mountaineer.The animal would
> die of blood loss.

I wonder about this theory.  Would the animal be able to anchor itself
purely with the Digit II hindclaws while having free use of the
forelimbs?  Wouldn't it then topple over backward from the side of a
large animal, especially considering that the prey animal would be
moving with some energy.

I also wonder if the forelimbs of most dromaeosaurs were suited for
the sort of energetic slashing that Bakker's idea envisions.  Isn't
there a lot of controversy about the configuration and flexibility of
dromaeosaur forelimbs?

And I recall reading that _Utahraptor's_ forelimb claws were
substantially different (proportionately much larger) from those of,
say, _Velociraptor_ or _Deinonychus_.  If not true, please enlighten.


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