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Qilong Update #3 (Addendum)

To ye all,

  This addendum is to correct an error I made in Update #3, brought to
my attention by Ralph Chapman III <gbabcock@best.com>.

  In connection to the "Did Oviraptors Have Feathers" Question on the
website, I failed to mention Thomas Hopp (here on the list) and Mark
Orsen's talk at Dinofest '98 and subsequent publishing in the Dinofest
II volume of the "Brooding Dinosaurs" subject.

  I appologize to Tom, Mark, and others I've offended by leaving out
that important, strike-a-match event, and have corrected the error. See:


  Also clarified was an error in labelling *Shuvuuia*s feather
"impressions" as such, and have mentioned Mary Schweitzer's study of
the keratinous remains thereon. Appologies to Mary. Go to the same
page as above for the truth.

Jaime A. Headden

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