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Re: spinning stegos

Dave Hardenbrook wrote:

<Very carefully?

<Sorry... :)  Maybe the plates folded down enough so that the male
Stego could properly mount?>

  That woudl actually hinder the male far more than if the plates were
<pardon> erect. It is also unlikely the plates folded inward (toward
the midline) as they were situated parallel to the ridge of the spine
and not atop it. The ridge is a natural limit to medial swing.

  However, the male may possibly not need to even "stand up" as I
thought earlier, and as assumed for most dinosaurs and known for all
herbivorous land mammals (even hippos, who do it underwater). First,
one has to think that perhaps the tail was held so high on the rear
that it actually facilitated some sort of inter-cloacal contact. The
hips narrow towards the back, so that's not a major problem, though I
think it unlikely they did it end to end (no extant examples among
mammals, for one).

  I would illustrate the possibilities, but fear the censor police
would knock out even the ascii art! :)

  Anyway, the stegosaur, if mounting with forequarters up, may have
done so by not mounting directly on top, but by laying partway on the
side of the female, and figure out how to go from there.

  At least porcupines can move their quills out of the way!

Jaime A. Headden

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