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Re: Apatosaurus alenquerensis

Tony Thulborn wrote:

<I see that Portuguese sauropods have reared their heads (or, at
least, their hips):


<So it seems an appropriate time to ask about the status of
Apatosaurus alenquerensis de Lapparent & Zbyszewski 1957
(Kimmeridgian, Portugal).>


<Does anyone have any really convincing idea as to where this beast
fits in among the sauropods?>

  A brachiosaur, perhaps. The vertical ridge is possibly
autopomorphic, but brachiosaurs (especially *Brachiosaurus*) have the
anterior ala of the ilium vastly larger than the pathetic little
posterior ala, and this is the case with *"A." alenquerensis*. My
theory? Portuguese brachiosaur in need of a new generic identity.

Jaime A. Headden

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