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Re: CNN: 2 ton Jurassic dino pelvis from Portugal

> they also say:
> Telles Antunes told Lisbon radio TSF the find was particularly important
> because it shed new light on the posture of dinosaurs. 
> So there you are.  Maybe it was a bipedal sauropod?
> -Betty
> Richard W Travsky wrote:
> > The article quotes "archaeologist Isabel Mateus" (archaeologist???) as
> > saying the sauropod would've been "66 feet tall".
> > Surely thats a typo or a misquote.

        The new sauropod was found by Vasco Ribeiro and it is been digging by
 Vasco and my self under orientation of Telles Antunes.
        It has neither 2 ton pelvis nor 66 feet tall. 
        Until now we dug a fibula (with 120cm length) and 23 vertebrae (all the
 sacral vertebrae and several caudal vertebrae), but the excavation is not
 finish yet!
        Octávio Mateus
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